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We'll be in New Mexico starting Friday, August 3d in Albuquerque and moving on to Santa Fe from the 6th through the 19th. We lost Carol in February, but Summerhouse carries on with new pieces posted regularly—a dozen since the Marin Show, with more to come, including much of what we'll find in Santa Fe. I'll be traveling with our longtime book partners, John and Brenda Blom, and visiting with their son-in-law and daughter, Mert Kenyon and Heidi Blom. If you didn't know it, Mert caught the pottery disease, and after years of working with Robert Nichols, opened his own store, using one of our book titles for its name. Mert's Pottery of the Southwest is just up Canyon Road from Adobe Gallery, and is becoming an important player in the field. The August event is a family show of the Santa Clara Ebelacker family that opens on August 17th featuring major pieces by Jason, Jerome and Nick and by the late Richard and Virginia.

Some of our friends make a point of contacting us on our August visits. We're not doing any New Mexico shows this year, but we'll go to them, and you can reach us (me) on my cell, 415-378-3479, and by email. These calls usually end up leading to a lunch or dinner somewhere, and I'll be looking forward to hearing from you. —Al Hayes

Make sure you see our latest book. After 20 years, we've updated Southwestern Pottery, Anasazi to Zuni into an expanded Second Edition with all new photographs and text. It's a lot bigger than the First Edition, and people tell us it's a lot better.

NOTE: We encourage you to make it to any upcoming shows we announce. Sometimes pots get to the show before we they get to the site. Even though we update pretty much weekly, every so often a wonderful piece (examples: a rare 19th-century Mojave or O'odham figurine, a Hopi seed jar later attributed to Nampeyo and a bargain-priced Lucy Lewis) sells at a show before we post it.



And a wistful bit of nostalgia. Our son Mark took this picture of Carol at the Marin Show just two hours before she left us. She lived a wonderful life, and Summerhouse Indian Art exists because of her.