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NOTE: Because of Carol's health, we probably won't be doing any more shows before February in Marin, but if we do something along the way, we'll let you know. We encourage you to make it to any upcoming shows we announce. Sometimes we get pots to the show before we can get them to the site. Even though we update the site pretty much weekly, half a dozen wonderful pieces (among them a rare 19th-century Mojave or O'odham figurine, an elegant early Hopi seed jar later attributed to Nampeyo and a bargain-priced Lucy Lewis) all sold at recent shows before we posted them.



We had a great show at Marin in February, and Carol held up remarkably well despite her months-long hospital siege. Normally, our next show would be The Great Southwestern Antiques Show in Albuquerque on August 5th and 6th, but considering Carol's slow recuperation, we're missing it again this year, at least as exhibitors. Carol's surgeries were the reason we missed the show entirely last year and never got to New Mexico at all. We'll be back in The Land Of Enchantment this August, but only as civilian visitors. We'll be in Santa Fe from September 7th through the 17th, and if you want to find us, call us on our cell: 415-378-3479.

Make sure you see our new book. After 20 years, we've updated Southwestern Pottery, Anasazi to Zuni into an expanded Second Edition with all new photographs and text. It's a lot bigger than the First Edition, and people tell us it's a lot better.

Earl Biss, Three of the Spotted Gang, 1983