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CLARISSA SHIJE (circa 1975?– )


Not every talented young potter from an important pottery family grows into greatness. This piece fascinates us. It was made traditionally and has a creative design built on traditional elements and has a highly unusual orange band below the design panels. It achieves a dramatic effect, but its heft, slight imbalance and somewhat unsure painting tells us that it was made by a potter still learning her craft, The good news is that she was trying to learn it the right way. Shije is a major pottery name. The books list 17 Shije potters at Zia going back to the 1880s, and Eusebia Shije (1930– ) is one of the best-known modern Zia potters, although no longer active. We haven't yet been able to find where Clarissa fits in the family trees. The books don't mention her, but an Internet search turned up a Clarissa born around 1975. The date on the pot came from the dealer who bought it back then. Our guess is that this was made by a teen-aged Clarissa who, despite her promise, her family heritage and her design sense, just didn't continue with the art. On this one, you'll get a lot of visual impact for the money.

6" diameter x 5-1/2" high

Condition excellent

S-875   $250