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REYES PINO (1950– )


This is a big important piece by a potter who doesn't have anywhere near the recognition she deserves. In our opinion, Reyes Pino's aunt Kathy (1934– ) was one of the finest pottery painters ever to work at Zia, and Reyes learned many of her aunt's skills, to the point where, if she hadn't signed this, we'd have atttributed it to Kathy. It has the tan color and gray paint that Kathy made her trademark, and the double-winged bird looks just like the ones Kathy created. We've been in awe of Kathy's work for years, and here from her niece, we have a piece that Kathy could have made. Sadly, Kathy suffered a stroke several years ago and hasn't worked since, and equally sadly from our point of view, Harlow & Lanmon's 2003 The Pottery of Zia Pueblo is almost oblivious to her and her niece. It barely mentions Kathy and ignores Reyes completely, even though, according to Schaaf's Southern Pueblo Pottery, one of Reyes's pieces went to the Museum of New Mexico collection in 1961. You can see a later, different-looking piece by Reyes on page 189 of the Second Edition of our Southwestern Pottery, Anasazi to Zuni, but if you turn to page 187, her connection with her aunt is absolutely clear. There's a jar by Kathy in this color with a bird like this.

10" diameter x 8" high

Condition excellent

S-967    SOLD

Some birds by aunt Kathy. Reyes learned it all.